Whom We Work With

VCare Customers works for all size companies form all round of the world. Our clients need BPO services for their established companies to start-ups.

Largest and Savviest BPO Clients

We work for the large companies who outsource for large number of call center agents from 50 to 1000 and more to perform the task efficiently. These established and sophisticated businesses hire us as it helps them to eliminate burden and risk of purchasing infrastructureand hiring in-house agents for call center services.

Experienced investors, fast-growing businesses

Mid-sized businesses that are leaders outsource call center services as it helps them in getting access of efficiency and professionalism in the task done. It also give impression of large size business to customers. They can hire agents for 24 hours within their budget.

Brand-new clients for BPO services

Brand-new clients outsource BPO services who do not have no prior outsourcing experience rely on our generations of sector knowledge to implement the best outsourcing strategy. We provide customized services to meet their unique requirements.

Initial outsourcing

Brands seeking to outsource all or a portion of their call center operations to BPOs rely on our expertise and recommendations for successful outsourcing plans as we provide cloud- based services to help them get real-time access of on-going projects.


Start-ups hire us to get competitive advantages through collaboration of cutting-edge technology and experienced staff. We provide well-planned strategy and tailor made solutions to help them quickly expand their companies.