Outsource call centres in India for high quality customer experience.

Outsourced call center in India takes care that each customer receive customer services in superior quality consistently and in time. Our call center in India resolve the conflicts faster  and ensure they enjoy better experience because dissatisfied customers tell bad stories against you to their friends.

How outsourcing call center in India provides superior customer services?

  • Personalized customer services: – VCC staff provides customization and personalization call center services by knowing them better. We know your customers more by asking them questions and taking their feedback.
  • Screening and training process: – We hire best agents after screening and well trained them to have adequate knowledge about the company, product or services to answer queries of customers promptly. They are given script of frequently asked questions to be well prepared for every doubts of customers.
  • Quality Measures:- Call Center agents perform under the strict supervision of team leader and control managers who take care of how the calls are being handled. They guide agents instantly if their performance is not up to mark. Regular team meetings help them to learn more and discuss program improvement. This enables agents and managements to exchange proposed techniques for handling calls efficiently and share observations for motivating each other.
  • Technology: – Outsourcing call center in India helps you to get the access of advanced technology to deliver quality customer services on time. VCC uses cutting edge technology with latest software to provide fast, safe and secure services to the customer. Our clients can access of the on-going project on real time and supervise it to check the quality.

VCC being a global brand with high regard to quality adheres to a very efficient and systematic process that ensures every customer meet certain quality call center services. We are open round the clock to cater your customers.

The Basics of an Impeccable Order Taking Call Center

Today, a large number of companies looking forward to stand ahead of the competitor outsource order taking call center. They consider order taking a top class priority to improve the overall customer experience.The work of the order taking call center agents is not merely to take down the customer orders accurately but also to calculate the payments correctly and also take the-responsibility of shipping the product from the seller to the customers.

To process the order, the order taking call center uses different techniques so that they can  keep track of the delivery process, whether the product has left the warehouse and is on the way to the customer. The agents take care of each and every call from resolving the doubts of the customer while purchasing to answering the call after sale for the time inquiring on the delivery procedure. The agents make sure that the products reach the customers within the deadlines decided. Each and every call is recorded and reports are made for further usage to improve the quality of the product, order taking services and other services if required.

Outsourcing order taking call center enhances customer experience and help companies to have benefits within their budget. It is an expensive idea for the companies with budget constraint to set up in-house infrastructure. It needs lots of capital, time and energy  for hiring a skilled team but outsourcing order taking helps you to focus on the core business by handing over the task to them.

VCare Customers, VCC is topmost order taking call center with experience and technology required for providing world class services to the customers. We have working experience of more than 15 international and national companies including 8 Bitgroup of Russia.

Important Points to Know before Outsourcing Order Taking Service

Outsourcing order taking services has been increasing every year. The main reason of increasing outsourcing order taking process is digitalization of the business. Outsourcing helps you to get access of best technology without any investment in expensive resources, software and everchanging technology. You only have to pay nominal fees for the services you hire.

Outsourcing order taking services helps in increasing your focus on your core business without taking peer pressure of order taking. It is a smart decision  to hire call center as they have expertise and deep knowledge in taking order. But problem arises how to know which call center service provider will be best for your company. Before hiring order taking services for your products check few points on your list.

  • Experience of call center in providing order taking services.
  • Technology used by them should match your requirement.
  • Staff should be highly skilled. They should have knowledge of resolving the doubts and issues of the customers they have while placing order.
  • Security Measures are important

VCare customers have the experience of ten years in providing customer care services to their clients.We always use latest technology for handling high volume, cloud based system for real time access, best CRM, high speed internet, back-up power of internet, electricity for free flow of services. We hire experienced and professional staff only so they can handle the customers efficiently and enter the order accurately without making any mistake. We take care of your data and always store it on safe and secure software, and our staff works under strong supervision and surveillance.

VCC provides you customized order taking services twenty four hour. We provide you daily report with feedback of customers to improve your business. As our aim is always our client’s growth.

Outsourcing Order Taking Call Center Services excel your business

Order taking services is a job of responsibilities which need high skills, accuracy and good communication skills. VCare Customers has experience of a decade of order taking with state-to-art technology. Our agents have skills to record customers’ requests with accuracy and resolve their doubts if they have any. They work in a systematic pattern with a structured methodology and innovative ideas.

VCare Customers, order taking agents are well trained; well- behaved and know the importance of order taking services for your company.

  • Professional attitude: – Our agents have skills of order taking with basic etiquette like politeness, patience and courtesy. While communicating agents listen to the customers with patience and answers them politely and try to help them in every possible manner.
  • Right information: – We provide proper training to our order taking services agents to have an effective impact on customers mind for your product/services. Our well informed agents ensure that the customers know all about the deal beforehand to create positive responses.
  • Up-selling and cross-selling: – Order taking agents are experts in up-selling and cross-selling products or services to the callers. They also offer discounts if any to promote the item and encourage customers to make positive decision.
  • Feedback: – Our agents do not forget to obtain the feedback of the customer’s experience. The review and suggestions are provided for assistance to make the necessary changes which can take your business to next level.

VCare Customers is one of the leading call center in India providing order taking services to their clients in multilingual languages of India and other part of the world. Our agents are in action 24/7 hours taking order, resolving issues and closing deals on world class technology. We use best CRM support, high speed internet with back-up to provide free flow services for high volume calls. Our motto is our client’s growth.

Importance Of Call Center Service provider Company

We all know the importance of customers for the businesses and earning customer confidence is not an easy task you need to work really hard to gain it. Call canter services provider helps you in achieving your goal as they have experience and resources to brand your product or services. VCare customers provide properly managed call center services to acquire new customers and increase customer retention.

How VCC provides you best call center services?

  • Enhance customers satisfaction: The best call center know the value of customer’s time and always work to reduce the customers waiting time. VCC staff are always keen to reduce the waiting time of customer by using advanced technology and managing it properly. When the customer gets faster services they are happy.
  • .Meeting Caller’s Needs: VCC hires experienced and skilled staff who can work with dedication and have aptitude to understand the caller’s needs. We also provide training to our staff about your product, market trend and professional ethics to answer each call promptly and satisfy customers’ requirements.
  • Increasing customers Retention: The quality call center customer services help to retain your customer. When a customer gets the right service at the right time he will not care about the budget and will show proactive response in your brand. The retention of customers is a good indication for growth in your business. The customers will show interest and recommend their friends and relatives about your brand. This will help you to add more customers in your list.

VCC has expertise in Call Center service that will optimize your efficiency by reducing your time on complex solutions. Our team manoeuvre resources and technology that can give best results for your projects.