DRTV Direct Response Call Center

Direct Response Call Center

DRTV Direct Response

DRTV drives direct sales and revenues from TV, desktops, tablets and smart phone ads. It is commercial advertisements that ask viewers to respond instantly through phone to buy advertised product.


DRTV Direct Response has flexible timing facility which helps large number of people to view it.


DRTV is uniquely positioned so it attracts mass customers.


DRTV is active round the clock, so it is even viewed by the people when you are sleeping.


Viewing the advertisement makes people to think about it.


DRTV force viewer to take immediate action. So it generates thousand of potential customers


DRTV uses toll free number for viewer so they respond easily.

How (we)VCare Customers (a customer care company in India) help you?

    Our management team gets the information about the product of your company and prepare script's on FAQs, we train our staff accordingly.
    We provide round the clock service to deal with the customer from different time zones.
    We have trained and professional staff to manage order taking software and technology for customer orders and give information without any delay, we handle multi langauge calls.
    Our staffs are proficient in communicational skills and can handle any out of the box situations.
    We have potential to handle high volume calls, Our team is efficient and experienced to handle more customers. You will get efficient and value for money experience with us to generate more revenue.
    We are successfully delivering ‘phone order taking’ call center service for our existing client in Multi Indian Languages (Hindi / English / Bengali / Marathi/ Tamil) and reference is available for verification if required.

Call us at (Universal No: +91 9891 057 170) or Write us at sales@vcarecustomers.com to discuss your requirement to start your service delivery.