Order Taking Service Call Center

Order Taking Call Center

Order Taking Service

In modern time, we save time, people place orders for the product over the phone or internet. Your company should get ready to take orders online or over the phone, to get more customers. This becomes difficult In-house, as it is not easy to provide catalog and Order Taking Services.

(we)VCare Customer have aOrder Taking Service specialist staff who handle such orders professionally. Our catalog professionals have extensive knowledge of converting your paper catalogs to online versions, ensuring yours orders are accurate.


Order Taking services reaches far residing customers.


Order Taking Services help in knowing more about the product on the phone.


Order Taking services helps to generate large number of new customers by providing clarity.


Order Taking services help the customers build relations with a personal touch.

How we can help you?

    Our catalog team performs the data entry work with high accuracy.
    We make relevant databaseof entire catalog.
    We provide taking order services and Order Taking Service.
    We answer all the queries asked by customer.
    Our recording system ensures you all orders taken are accurate.
    We enter orders into the CRM system for instant processing.
    We provide you post sale report of all the entries.
    We provide round the clock service to place the order at any time of the day.
    We have robust technology with power back up.
    We provide upsells and cross-sells.
    (we)VCare Customers is experience to manage and take care robust software and technology for catalog and data taking services. Our management team helps you with your catalog and trains our data taking staff with all the needed information about your product to deal with customer and make data entry accurate. We help you to save money and generate leads.

Call us at (Universal No: +91 9891 057 170) or Write us at sales@vcarecustomers.com to discuss your requirement to start your service delivery