Our Call Center Infrastructure

Call Center Infrastructure


When choosing an outsourcing partner, look far into the future and see what your goal is. Choose someone who is as interested in your goal as you are. (we)VCare Customers (a customer care company in India) leave nothing to doubt and chance when working for their clients. We provided committed service hence our Clients retention is 80% and repetition is 60%.

How Infrastructure helps you?

    We use innovative technology with power back-up and internet back-up for uninterrupted work.
    We have extra location in case of any unpredictable climate problem.
    We redefine technologies inculcating multi-dimensional format to ensure consistency in performance.
    We work with backup agent facility, so that minimum number of required agents available to work every day.
    We work with transparency and update work status on time or when asked by you.
    We work for 24X7 or as per your requirement in supervision of trained staff to provide you maximum output of your money.
    We have interactive and creative channels to get valuable feedback of customers.
    We use IP system and dialer system for the optimization of the process to achieve clients goals quickly.
    We have perfect response calling of 98% first call resolution.
    We use security to restrict leakage of your data.
    We are expert in maintaining lowest AHT (Average Handling Time), giving the very best to the client.