Data and Reporting

Data and Reporting Call Center

Data and Reporting

(we)VCare Customers (a customer care company in India) keep record of data of call volume, chat times, resolution rates, interaction counts and other important data for external and internal end-to –end process documentation. All recordings are automated, so it provides 100% accuracy.

We measure the agents’ performance with metrics to reward them to enhance the agents’ performance. Real time monitoring activities help in planning development program effectively to achieve improvement.

How Data and Reporting helps you?

    We provide you report to reduce your time in building and customizing reports.
    Our reports allow you to visualize the data and analyze it.
    Our reports help you to understand relationships, trend and patterns early on. You can reduce your risk factor accordingly.
    We provide report on resolved cases, customer interaction and satisfaction, average handle time, customer contact rate, location, age, sex, feedbacks of customer and all other details you asked us.
    You can use all the metrics to update yourself according to market trend.
    We provide report daily, weekly, or monthly as per your requirements.