Direct Response Call Center Services from Call Center Outsourcing Company

Direct response is the technique of marketing which open new gates for expansion of current business. The direct response customer services include order taking, event registration, lead Capture & Registration, appointment Scheduling and various other customer Service. To increase sales direct response should be back up with skilled staff who can effectively communicate with the prospects to convert them into your customer

Vcare customers help in providing best direct response customer service to increase customer satisfaction level at minimum cost by taking care of few things. Continue reading “Direct Response Call Center Services from Call Center Outsourcing Company”

Advantages of Outsourcing Direct Response Order Taking Services

Direct Response advertisement must be handled by call center to answer the phones and take the orders for you. The customer usually prefers to speak with a live voice who can answer their questions.

Direct response provides the facility to calculate the ROI of the campaign easily as you can know the percentage of your audience responded and the revenue earned through it. Continue reading “Advantages of Outsourcing Direct Response Order Taking Services”

How Outsource Call Center Company Manages Your Customer Care Services?

In the modern world of high competition, businesses are aiming for excellence to retain their customer and outshine themselves among their customer. If your customers are not satisfied by your services they will shift to your competitor and creates negative image of your brand.

Some really big companies have to close their businesses only because of their incapability to satisfy their customer’s need. But there are also examples of small businesses are converted into big only because of their ability to make their customers happy even after sale of their product. To enhance your companies performances outsource call center company provide customer care support and services.

Vcare customers has the staff that uses their sense and foresight while dealing with customer. We have the experience required to satisfy the customer you need for your businesses

  • First-Contact Resolution: – Our agents are trained to resolve the problem in first contact as we give them proper knowledge and information about your product.
  • Reduce response time: – We provide software for screening and queue the customer’s complex issues to reduce the follow-up time. We use customer service software to keep the track record of all the interactions and solve them quickly as soon as possible.
  • Communication Skills: – We train our agents to communicate in a style and tone with patience which helps customer to understand and trust your company.
  • Request ends up in the right hands: Our agents are trained to know where to allocate the request for further process if issue is not solved by them.
  • Customers help themselves: – Some customers first want to solve the issue themselves through web based techniques like FAQs, you tube etc. Our team build customer center to help customers and reduce the customer service queues.
  • Closes the conversation: – Our team has ability to close every single interaction. To avoid any negative impression for your company. They take the feedback of the customer before closing the issue to avoid any conflict and incomplete issues.

(we)VCare Customers (a customer care company in India) believes in resolving conflicts in the first time to create positive impact. We avoid solving the issues at breakneck speeds and our agents listen the issue patiently before answering them. Our outsource call center company uses state -to -art technologies with back-up power of internet and power to avoid any breakage in the services. We provide services 24/7 hours to your customers at reasonable rates.