How Order Taking Call Center can help you create real difference in market?

Customers now days want to make their own decisions and with the limitless possibilities available on the Internet, control has shifted from companies to call center services. This transformation has also provided businesses chance to work on customer experience and make prospects delightful.

Order taking call center handle customer relationship in the right manner. Outsourcing VCare Customers assures you that you will get unremitting order placement and processing operations with the correct direction. We are equipped with the most up-to-date tools, equipment, and cutting-edge technology to provide smooth services to keep you ahead of your competitor and standout in crowd.

Outsourcing order taking call centre services can help you create difference in market by increasing your customer’s experience and increase sales conversion rate:

  • Expert Staff: – Outsourcing order taking services assist you in efficiently handling sales ordering and associated incoming call volume. Expert and professional staff manages all aspect of your business, from order taking to order processing to product dispatch and delivery
  • Streamline your order taking services: – Order taking services helps you in streamlining your order taking services with the timely assistance of an order taking call centre. We have team of dedicated order taking call center services agents to efficiently manage any number of calls. This eliminates any risk of inaccuracy during order taking and increases the churn.
  • Outsource order-taking services to cross-sell and upsell: -. Customers’ information is gathered by reps for future reference and keep a database of clients with complete information about them, which they use to contact them later to notify them of new product launches, impending discounts or seasonal offers, and upgrades to the existing product range or service line, which contributes in greater sales.

VCare Customers help you to improve your customer support service strategy by providing world class order taking services to increase your sales conversion rate.

Hire the best Call Center Outsourcing Company

When you are deciding to outsource call center services for your company you deserve the best call center outsourcing company that takes care of your customers as their own customers. VCare Customers is one of the topmost companies in India providing call center service to more than 200 different clients from around the world.

Why is Call Center Outsourcing Company VCare Customers is BEST Outsourcing Call Center

  • Skills based solutions: – Our employees provide services through offline phones and online emails and web chats to your customers. They have fantastic communication and conversation skills to solve the doubts and queries of each customer. Call center outsourcing allows customers to get solutions of the problems related to the products or services, asking for clarification information, researching and implementing solutions, and right directions for the unresolved problems. Our team member use queuing process for fast resolution of the problems and maintain the information in the CRM database for future use.
  • Training Process: – We provide training to the employees for the products or services for which they are going to handle the customers. We provide training to achieve both professional and personal excellence. We help every employee to bring out the best in our team member. Our employees work in supportive and engaging culture to provide the best service to your customers.
  • Value Customers: – We know that your customers are base of your business and they are very precious for you. We respect your feelings and treat each customer with the same respect. Outsourcing call center services to VCC will provide your customers the customer support services they expect from you.

Call Center outsourcing Company, VCare Customers take Care of your customers with positive attitude to leave a positive impression on them.  We work with the aim of your company’s growth.


Why outsourcing Order Taking Call Center is increasing?

The order taking call center services has been increasing in the recent years, the main reason behind it is the development of new technologies and inventions. The approach of seller and buyer both have changed with the changing technologies. They rely on new technologies for selling and purchasing of the product or services as it is more convenient and time saver.

Why companies rely on order taking call center?

The manufacturer or service provider are selling their products through different platforms shops, online, television etc. which need someone experienced for order taking process. Selling products on these platform helps in contacting direct to the customers so it need specialized trained agents that can help customers in making decision for the product. Order taking call center have experience and provide training to their agents to answer the queries, resolve the doubts and help the prospects make decision for your product.The well trained agents help in cross selling and up-selling f the products.

Why customers rely on order taking call center?

The invention of technologies and availability of products on media has made the purchasing easier and convenient. It saves the time of the customers and has enhance their purchasing experience. Even those who cannot travel can purchase the product from their own place on their favourable platform. But before purchasing the customers like to get answers of their queries and doubts. Order call center service provider agents are experienced and trained to answer the doubts of prospects efficiently. They guide them in the right direction and help them at every step from booking order to getting delivery.

Outsourcing order taking services to VCARE CUSTOMERS helps to streamline order taking process including taking of the order, answering the queries of customers, uploading the information on the CRM accurately, dispatch of the product on time, keep the track of the delivery, and give the information of delivery to the customers regularly. We have experience of more than a decade and latest technologies which helps our clients to get fast and accurate order taking services.


Call Center Services agents to take care of their customers.

The Call Center services agents should have some basic skills to cultivate better relationship with customers.  The agents should listen to the customer closely and should have patience to gain customer loyalty. As we all know to drive profitability for business excellent customer service is important so businesses outsource call center services to get the access of professional, trained and experienced agents. VCC call center service agents have universal customer skills that build strong relationship between customersand your company.

Essential Skills for call center service agents to provide next generation customer services.

  • In-depth knowledge: – VCC make sure call center service agents undergo extensive training to gain the knowledge of inside out of the product or services We also provide dynamic script with possible FAQs to resolve the problems of customers quickly. It helps the customers to trust and have confidence in the company.
  • Listen attentively: – VCC agents listen to the customers actively and closely to what customers say to know what exact customers want to ask. Our customers have patience and know sometimes customers are frustrated or confused and need help. They listen calmly to resolve their issues effectively. When agents listen to them with patience they feel there is someone to help them and create positive influence on customers for your company.
  • Empathy: – Our call center service team has empathy with customers as they understand situation ofcustomers and remain calm in under pressure also. They always use positive words which create impression for your company and build brand image of your company.

VCare Customers, VCC call center service agents have skills that build rapport and confidence in customers for your company. Improving customer services generate new clients and build trust and loyalty in existing customers.

Importance of Technical Call Center Services for different industries?

Why is Technical Call Center Services so important?

Customer purchase product from store or online without direct interaction with manufacturer. In some cases the customer could not understand the usage of product or have some technical problems or queries. The technical call center is first and potential place where customer can contact to get answer of their doubts queries or issues. The technical call center is important for smooth and easy transaction to enhance customer experience. If you are not providing good technical support to your customer they might get frustrate and lose faith in your products and company. To build good reputation in market outsourcing Technical Call Center Services is smart option.

Outsourcing technical call center services helps you to leverage following benefits

  • Experience of skilled staff: – VCare Customers has professional engineers and IT experts that have knowledge of their respective subjects and experience of working in a call center. They are well mannered and know how to handle customers efficiently. For customized services we provide training to our employees for the products and services you are serving to customers which helps them to answer the queries promptly.
  • Technology: – We use cutting edge technology to provide fast and accurate technical call center services to your customers who are seeking technical help like universal queuing system, best CRM, cloud based system, high internet speed, back-up of internet/ electricity, ACD and try to fulfil the clients demand. The use of advanced technology allows our staff to resolve the queries promptly.

VCare Customers provide cost-effective solutions to match different requirements of our clients. We plan best possible strategy for our clients to meet their requirements that can provide next generation services. We are available 24/7 for you.

Benefits of 24 hour Call Center Outsourcing services India

Call Center Outsourcing Services to India helps in cut cost that give your business stability. Outsourcing calls to an offshore call center helps in answering each call efficiently even when you are new or have small business. We know importance of customer services for your business and take care of them as we are family. We help in building trust among people for your company through best call centers ervices. You can provide quality services 24 hours if you outsource call center services in India in the budget that suits your pocket.

24 Hour Call center Outsourcing services India

  • Zero Waiting Hours: – The most beneficial part of outsourcing call center for customer care is that you can provide 24 hour services to your customer which reduces the waiting time of customer for office to open. The customer can resolve their issues and doubts at any time of the day or night which help in showing how big is your company and develop brand image. Those customers who decide to purchase your product can resolve the doubts and place the order instantly which can be a big lose if your company is closed because later on 76% customers change their mind of purchasing the product or purchase it from other vendor.
  • Reach Maximum Customer: – When you provide 24 hour services to your customers, you can serve the customers of different time zones from under one roof at reach maximum number of customers from the same center. VCC provides multilingual services which will help you to cover maximum countries on the globe.
  • Multi-channel Support: – Outsourcing call center services to VCC will help you to get access of multi-channels support system like email, phone or web-chat to reach customers through the most convenient way they desire.

VCC provides wide range of call center outsourcing services to help you increase your business worldwide.